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Test Prep


SAT and ACT Test Prep is my core area of expertise. Using specific strategic approaches, students develop skills for each section of the test. These strategies were built from my experience working with several hundred students, who deserve to have the best possible conditions for success. My students have achieved perfect scores and major score increases.

Sessions are grounded in the fundamental test-taking approaches:

  • Strategies that guide students through every section of the SAT and ACT

  • Tools relating to specific question types in each section

  • Content review to fill in knowledge gaps

  • Individualized feedback that builds confidence and skills

Each lesson is individually tailored to a student’s unique needs and learning style. I remember the pressures that high school entails and offer the kinds of practical tools and encouragement that were most helpful when I was in their shoes. I prioritize meeting each student where they are at and believe that every student benefits from feeling their needs are seen, respected and supported. In this way, students have the highest chance of success—on their own terms—on the task at hand.

Regular lessons and homework are essential parts of preparing for the SAT and ACT. Just like in the performing arts and sports, this builds the muscle memory essential for progress. The input of parents is a key element in the tutoring process, providing feedback and perspective to fine tune your child’s learning. There is no one size fits all as we decide how to best achieve success for your child.

AP Tests

I have a passion for teaching AP tests. Sessions build on all the classwork that students have done throughout the year. Framing the essential tasks for each part of the exam – multiple choice, SAQ, LEQ and DBQ  – students learn how to earn the maximum possible points. Drawing upon my work  experience as a grant writer and journalist, I work closely with students on mastering the rubric for each of the different writing sections. In addition, students get targeted review on any gaps in course content.


I teach AP tests including:

  • U.S. History

  • European History

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Statistics

  • Biology

  • Environmental Science

  • Psychology

  • Human Geography

  • U.S. Government

  • Comparative Government

  • World History

  • Art History

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While many of the core strategies for these tests are the same as those for the SAT and ACT, younger students applying to middle and high school need different approaches than older students. Supportive, encouraging, and fun tutoring teaches them the strategies and content they need for success, while keeping the intensity to a level they can handle.


All students build up core skills that are valuable beyond this exam: vocabulary, math strategies, and reading comprehension. Parental input is even more important for younger students, and your collaboration makes student learning goals that much more achievable. 


The GRE and GMAT are broadly similar tests to the SAT and ACT, so many of the strategies are also the same. Student prepping for many grad schools (GRE) or business school (GMAT) have a wealth of knowledge and experience from their undergraduate years to draw upon. Leveraging those assets means some students only need a tune up for these tests, while others want more comprehensive test prep. All types of students are welcome. 

For more on Academic tutoring, click here.

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