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In my years of tutoring, I have often found there is a need to reinforce the value of every young person, regardless of their grades or performance in school.


Students feel a pressure to produce results that has arguably never been higher – and that can be especially pronounced with testing. Amidst all of their responsibilities, I view the role of a tutor as a unique one: I not only offer my expertise, strategic guidance and practical tools but also support students in feeling seen and heard as a person.

I have found this holistic approach produces better results, too. Focusing on all the things a student can control – the strategies, the content, and self-care – brings their attention where it belongs, and away from the future unknowns that threaten to distract them from the task at hand. For students experiencing testing-related anxiety, I offer tools to bring themselves back to their bodies and calm down so they can return to focusing on one question at a time.


I view testing as a metaphor for life: a puzzle to solve, a mountain to summit. Whatever the challenges we face in life, there is someone to help so we don’t have to do it alone. I am here to work with each individual student, collaboratively set their goals, and support their success in every way I can.

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