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Academic and Executive Functioning Tutoring

As is widely known, a student's grades and course rigor are the most important aspects of a college application. Taking a harder course is valuable, but many students question where the line is between a grade being worth the risk or not. 

Additional academic support can make the difference. I work to help students to not only get through their classes, but also find the insights and confidence that can make learning enjoyable. Academic coaching can be on a regular basis or for a tune up before tests or upcoming essays and projects.


All Executive Functioning and homework skills tutoring teaches students how to stay organized, focused and successful while keeping stress levels lower. Building study skills is a highly effective way to improve academic performance throughout all classes. 

With Executive Functioning and Academic tutoring, I build from the foundation of classroom materials and learning. When possible, coordinating academic tutoring with classroom teachers can strengthen a student’s engagement with their subjects and provides a more comprehensive support network for success. I am also available to step into a more primary teaching role, shoring up subject fundamentals and supplement classroom assignments. 

I offer academic tutoring in a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to:

  • Essay Writing 

  • Math through Pre-Calculus

  • Executive Functioning 

  • History

  • Spanish

(For Academic help with AP Subjects, click here.)

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