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I couldn't have achieved my final ACT score or received the same overall experience with anybody but Michael. The quality of teaching I received affirmed Michael’s unique talent for thorough, concise, and efficient instruction. I know he’ll remain involved in my academic journey because he cares about his clients far beyond their test scores. 

– Eli, Class of 2024 

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Parallel Lines
Experience tutoring several hundred students allows me to fine tune the approaches that will best help your child succeed with standardized tests, math, writing, and Executive Functioning.
Supportive mentoring reinforces the value of every young person and builds on their strengths as they face the challenges of being a student today.
College admission counseling  allows students and families to find schools that are a good fit academically, financially, and socially. 
Professional Memberships
Professional Membership College Admissions Counseling
Bay Area Tutoring Summit professional membership teacher test prep math essay writing executive functioning
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