• Tutoring is grounded in the fundamental test-taking approaches:
  • Strategies that guide students through every section of the ACT and SAT
  • Tools relating to specific questions in each section
  • Content review to fill in knowledge gaps
  • Individualized feedback that builds confidence and skills


Unlike some test preparation companies, I offer a highly personalized approach to tutoring – there is no such thing as one size fits all.

  • Each lesson is tailored to a student’s unique needs and learning style.
  • I prioritizing meeting each student where they are.
  • I believe that every student benefits from feeling their needs are seen, respected and supported.
  • In this way, students have the highest chance of success—on their own terms—as well as on the test at hand.


  • Regular lessons and frequent contact with homework and practice tests all essential parts of preparing for the SAT and ACT.
  • Just like in the arts and in sports, this builds the muscle memory essential for maximum performance.
  • Course books and testing materials are complementary as part of a student’s tutoring.


All tutoring is a la carte.

  • You decide what works best for your child and budget. I bring my expertise to determine how to best achieve a student’s goals.
  • The input of parents is a key element in the tutoring process, providing feedback and valuable perspective as I fine tune lessons to meet a student’s needs.

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